National Security Consulting

Douglas Farah and IBI Consultants, LLC offer a broad range of expertise and access across Latin America on issues of national security, transnational crime, terrorism, terror finance and non-state armed actors. With contacts across the continent, IBI Consultants works with a wide range of clients, from U.S. government entities to private foundations, to provide analysis, information, scenario development and access to a broad range of on-the-ground experts. Farah is an internationally recognized expert on illicit weapons transfer, and has authored two critically acclaimed books and numerous articles on his investigations in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere. He appears frequently in the national and international media.

Areas of On-going Investigation

  • Criminalized States
  • Ungoverned Spaces/Stateless Regions
  • Transnational Crimnal Networks and Illicit Pipelines
  • Russia in Latin America
  • The Bolivarian Revolution
  • Transnational Organized Crime
  • Central American Gangs
  • MS-13 Gangs
  • FARC Drug Trafficking
  • Bolivarian Revolution, Iran and Cocaine
  • Rafael Correa 
  • Evo Morales
  • Drug Trade

Past Investigations: blood diamonds; weapons trafficking; Viktor Bout; Charles Taylor