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New IBI project on remilitarizaion in Central America

Supporting government and private entities in understanding, anticipating and responding to strategic threats from transnational criminal and terrorist networks in the Western Hemisphere.

IBI Consultants has decades of experience conducting investigations, training, and research in Central and South America. Using a cutting-edge research paradigm that merges granular field research with advanced open source data mining and link analysis technology, IBI can successfully identify and map transnational criminal networks and potential terrorist threats.

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Recent Media & Publications

Representative image of criminal activity in Latin America

Fourth Transnational Criminal Wave: New Extra Regional Actors and Shifting Markets Transform Latin America’s Illicit Economies and Transnational Organized Crime Alliances

June 19, 2024 - Research published by FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

A focus on transformations that are creating a new opportunistic transnational criminal ecosystem in Latin America that is opening new markets for new products and providing new convergence centers for extra-regional actors. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Topics include Balkans and transnational organized crime.

Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia

The Authoritarian Nexus: How Russian and China Undermine Democracy Worldwide

April 18, 2024 - Book Chapter published by International Republican Institute

Farah chapters on Russian and PRC authoritarian influence in Chile and Argentina in IRI’s new publication: The Authoritarian Nexus: How Russia and China Undermine Democracy Worldwide (April 2024). Topics include Argentina, Chile, China, disinformation, influence operations, and Russia.

Delincuentes en América Latina

América Latina: a fondo, cómo emerge la tercera ola del crimen transnacional

March 21, 2024 - Article published by DEF

La colusión entre gobiernos autoritarios y estructuras del crimen organizado transnacional es un fenómeno que corroe las instituciones democráticas y que debe ser enfrentado con decisión política, patriotismo y valentía. Topics include América Latina, Crimen Transnacional, Ecuador, Latin America, and transnational organized crime.

Recent Accomplishments

Banner protesting corruption in Latin America

Provided research that helped support the designation of corrupt actors

Support of USG inter-agency partners in mapping corruption structures tied to transnational organized crime in the Northern Triangle as part of the Biden Administration’s Central America anti-corruption policy.

Protest banner labeling Maduro and others as "assassins"

Uncovered illicit gold flows from the Maduro regime to the Arabian Peninsula

IBI field research uncovered illicit gold flows from the Maduro regime and other criminal actors from northern South America to the Arabian Peninsula, leading to USG enforcement action shutting down a fictitious gold export business moving tons of gold per year.

Emblem of the U.S. Department of Treasury

Identified a money laundering hub in Nicaragua leading to sanctions and closures

IBI identified Banco Corporativo and associated entities in Nicaragua as a primary money laundering hub for the Ortega and the Maduro regimes and mapped its transnational operations. The investigation was crucial to the Treasury Department and the State Department initiating investigations that led to formally sanctioning the bank and the bank closing.

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