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Here's what our clients and partners are saying:

Douglas Farah and IBI Consultants have provided exceptional insights into complex, obtuse foreign policy matters. Their research and analysis gives policy makers, practitioners, diplomats, and international partners tools to understand and address challenges.

Caryn Hollis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Retired)

Douglas had a career as one of the best reporters in international journalism. Now he is one of the most knowledgeable analysts in counternarcotics, counterterrorism, and Latin American affairs. Although most of his writing is in the policy realm, he still has the best sources and keenest insights.

Stephen Johnson, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Latin America Director (Former)

IBI has consistently provided us with the business intelligence we need to protect the assets of our clients. They operate discreetly and perform an invaluable function in maritime operations, risk mitigation, and interdiction. The technical, strategic and operational support given by IBI is nothing short of outstanding.

Rudolph Atallah, CEO, White Mountain Research

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