IBI Consultants provides government, corporate and non-profit clients with in-depth insights and analysis of rapidly evolving threats across Latin America. We deliver validated, short- and long-term, contextualized research and accurate geo-political and security forecasts. With a drive to dig deeper and uncover hidden patterns and relationships, IBI Consultants provides clients with a more complete picture of complex, on-the-ground realities across the region.


network mapping diagram

Network Mapping of Criminal Groups

Uncovering hidden relationships and connections between disparate groups, individuals and businesses.

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Due Diligence

Examination of corporate registries, filings, and disclosures to identify possible liability issues or risks related to organized crime or sanctioned groups, businesses and individuals.

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Illicit Finance, Corruption & Money Laundering

Investigation of illicit financial networks tied to state and non-state actors, complex regional and international money laundering structures and methodologies and kleptocratic operating systems.

Risk Management

Leftist popular leaders from Latin American nations

Threat Monitoring

Continual monitoring of threats through data collected in the field and open source intelligence.

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Threat Reports

Customized reports on active or over the horizon threats with in-depth analysis and graphics.

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Security Assessments

Tailored assessment highlighting security vulnerabilities to infrastructure and personnel.

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Risk Assessments

Assessment of possible risk factors including man-made, natural, and geo-political.

Advisory Services

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Specialized training on a particular country, region or issue like illicit financial structures and illicit trafficking nodes.

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Geopolitical Analysis

Granular analysis of geopolitical events impacting global security, business, and investments on a country or regional level.

An executive briefing

Strategic Briefings

High-level briefing for U.S. officials, multilateral entities, corporate executives and the private sector.

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Situational Forecasting

Predictive forecasting based on current events in their historic context and future implications.