Douglas Farah and IBI Consultants provide strategic services in the field of national security. Using an extensive network of on-the-ground resources and innovative technological solutions, we support government agencies and other partners with information, analysis and training required to counter and dismantle complex transnational criminal and terrorist networks in Central and South America. Our investigative model is being employed by a number of governments. Following are some of our recent accomplishments:

  • IBI uncovered information on a transnational criminal enterprise operating in Central America directly supporting the Maduro regime in Venezuela, which was unknown to the USG. IBI provided a map of the organizational structure and key members to authorities, leading to formal DOJ investigations into the operation. In May 2019, the Salvadoran attorney general, with the support of the U.S. embassy, raided 27 corporate offices in three cities to collapse a structure believed to have laundered some $3.4 billion in criminal proceeds over a decade.
  • In a separate case, IBI identified Banco Corporativo and associated entities in Nicaragua as a primary money laundering hub for the Ortega and the Maduro regimes and mapped its transnational operations. The investigation was crucial to Treasury Department and Department of Homeland (DHS) initiating investigations that led to formally sanctioning the bank and the bank closing.
  • IBI discovered the increased participation of the Honduras branch of the MS-13 transnational gang in Mexican drug trafficking organizations and its incursion into the synthetic drug trade. It has also mapped its political, military and territorial expansion and trajectory including outlining its use of new sea routes through Belize and Mexico.
  • At the request of the Colombian and Chilean governments, IBI has provided multiple training modules to the Colombian National Police, Directorate of National Intelligence, and Army, and Chile's Carabineros on investigation techniques for complex transnational criminal networks with additional instruction on the changing nature of transnational organized crime and extra-regional actors such as Russia, China and Iran. Other governments have also requested this training.
  • IBI field research uncovered illicit gold flows from the Maduro regime and other criminal actors from northern South America to the United Arab Emirates, leading to USG enforcement action shutting down a fictitious gold export business moving tons of gold a year.